nj propertyThe tax assessors make sure that the assessment is fair and equitable to all tax payers. The role of tax assessor in New Jersey includes determining the taxable value of all properties in the their locality; he processes the construction permits and reviews them, locating and taking the ownership of all properties in their area and describing them in way in which they are prescribed the county revenue authority. They also assign blocks and valuate new created blocks. They review property cards continuously to ensure they are accurate.  They review exempted properties and look for current information concerning those properties and the reason for being exempted from paying taxes. A property can get exempted if it stops to operate. They also apportion taxes, review of applications and inspection. There are other many functions of the assessors such as updating property record cards and maintaining the exempt properties. Before you invest in property check out the records here You can check records from any property in any New Jersey county.

A tax assessor is a creature of legislature which receives its mandate from the statutory authority based on New Jersey laws. The municipal tax assessor is the one who is responsible for all the activities concerning taxation the whole municipality. He reviews the qualification details of the New Jersey state statute to ensure everything is in the correct order.

If you have problem with assessment of your property, you should appeal to the board of taxation before the first half of the year. You should also obtain a petition of appeal from your local board of taxation or you download the petition form from their website which is easier and safer time and money. Complete the petition appeal form and sign all the copies provided. Then take those copies of petition appeal form to the relevant places provided in the instruction list. You should include all the required attachments and keep the original document in a safe place to act as a proof in case no action is taken by the taxation board.

Make sure you write your name properly and indicate your phone number or email address clearly. This is to ensure that you will be in a good position to be contacted to inform you of their decision and they can offer you further information concerning when they will come to inspect your property. This will help them to gather information and identify whether you were in right track by filling a petition appeal.  If you are the owner of the property, you should inform the tax assessor on your opinion in filling an appeal. For properties worth more than five hundred us dollars, you should directly appeal to your local government tax court. It’s the responsibility of the tax assessors to submit all the tax appeals before the municipality tax board. The board will then give you feedback and correct where they had miscalculated your property value. Search for the latest NJ property tax records.

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